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e-Learning Solution Elements

Our programs and mmethodologies ensure that your students receive all of the benefits of live instruction, while maintaining the cost and logistical savings realized by utilizing distributive learning technologies. Some of the distributive training elements we can bring together for you in a coordinated solution include:

  • Synchronous (Remote Instructor Led) Coursewaredistance-learning
  • Asynchrounous (Self Paced) WBT Courseware
  • Mobile Device (m) Learnin
  • Mobile Electronic Clasrooms (Ruggedized Transportable Hardware Suites)
  • Virtual Classrooms (100% Online)
  • Collaborative Courseware Design Environments
  • Electronic Performance Support Systems
  • Training Management Systems (LMS/LCMS)

One of the most powerful aspects of advanced distributive learning is the ability to utilize the appropriate technology at the appropriate time to maximize learning. All learning modalities can be delivered in a cost effective and efficient manner. Video, audio, text, interactive games, and live discussions are just some of the learning modalities that can be coordinated through advanced distributive learning.Our training program design methodology brings Instructional Systems Designers, Subject Matter Experts, Multimedia Developers and Managers together into an integrated team. This team approach is completely focused on reaching out to the student and communicating the learning/training message in such a way that the focus is always on the content of learning rather than the method of learning.

virtual_classroom_smallVirtual Classroom

Virtual classrooms such as Adobe Connect allow you to extend learning and training beyond the classroom! They give you the tools needed to multiply the effectiveness and efficiency of your training cadre by allowing them to collaborate and teach from any distance at any time. Virtual instructors can reach out to globally dispersed students, share software and interactive learning materials in a one-on-one setting or to multiple sites simultaneously!

Mobile (m)Learning

mobile_learningToday people go nowhere without their smart phones and tablets. That means training, interactive help, and electronic performance support is never farther away then your pocket. m-learning is the training platform of today and tomorrow.

With the proliferation of smart mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone and Android platform, e-learning has embraced the change and is transitioning to mobile learning (m-learning). The combination of dynamic and interactive media with object oriented learning (data) modules and standards such as SCORM and S1000D, makes the delivery of truly anytime/anywhere learning a reality.

 Web Based Training

wbtPrepare the student for the trainingSelf paced WBT courseware is one of the keystone tools to a comprehensive online learning solution. WBT curriculum utilizing the adult learning model:

  • Present the material to the student through lecture and discussion
  • Illustrate the concepts and activities to the student through simulation and animations
  • Let the student perform the tasks utilizing simulations and emulations
  • Help the student retain and refresh their knowledge and skills with electronic performance support tools
  • Assess the student’s knowledge an abilities through the use of self assessments, quizzes, examinations, and follow on evaluations