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S1000DS1000D is an international specification for technical publications, utilizing a Common Source Database and structured XML data. The greatest benefit offered by the S1000D standard is its ability to re-purpose and re-use data across multiple development and user communities. This reusability shortens development and maintenance time lines, minimizes costs, and maximizes the return on investment (ROI) for your technical publication projects.

S1000D is now rapidly being mandated by defence organizations around the world. In fact it is distinctly possible that commercial aerospace industry will replace ATA 2200 with the S1000D standard as the main industry standard for aerospace technical documents. S1000D is currently being assessed by ATA to see if it meets the requirements of their Future Data Exchange (FDE) Standards Program.

The S1000D specification is publicly available and free for download from www.S1000D.org. You can find current specification, schemas and sample files that can help begin to educate you about this dynamic, object oriented data standard. The transition from traditional documentation development processes can often be difficult to manage and coordinate however. That is where BCG comes in.

Our team of trained S1000D professionals will work with you to identify and develop a transition plan that includes:

  • The technology and infrastructure needed to optimize your IETP development process
  • The training needed to transition your team from traditional to collaborative, object oriented development
  • The coordination and communication needed to enact the change across your enterprise

Documentation Improvement Initiative (DII)

BCG provided comprehensive consulting services to SPAWAR Charleston in support of their on going documentation improvement initiative. Working closely with SPAWAR logisticians and engineers the team designed an elegant yet simple solution focused on the human element. This initiative focused on the innovative use of common place technologies and the S1000D object oriented documentation standard to improve the transparency of processes, promote collaboration and to improve access to information.mrp_dii


  •  Improved the quality of documentation and system information
  • Eased the collection of information
  • Increased the reusability of information
  • Enhanced collaboration between support echelons
  • Increased process and product transparency
  • Increased process and product transparency
  • Improved the support products