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At The Beach Consulting Group LLC., we apply Lean and Agile principals not only to our project management activities but also to our overall operations and internal processes. We are constantly learning and reassessing out processes. We focus on minimizing costs and shortening development cycles by committing to a process of continuous assessment and personal ownership of our processes at all levels.

Paul Beach – Principal Consultant

Paul Beach

“Economic realities no longer support the hoard of consultants with feet-on-the- ground at the client site. We replace the old paradigm by applying Lean and Agile principals to its operations and team alignment. Creative application of appropriate technologies and talents supported by a flexible and adaptive management philosophy minimize costs and shorten development cycles … “

e-mail: pbeach@beach-consulting.com


Rohit Soni – Principal Consultant

rohitsoni“It is critical that, as Engineers, we constantly review and learn from every project we participate in. No matter how good an engineer or team is, there exists the opportunity to improve on every point in a project. Even though a good Engineer will be constantly looking for improvement opportunities, the we should all set aside a brief, dedicated period of time to deliberately reflect on how we are doing and to find ways to improve … “

e-mail: rsoni@beach-consulting.com